Mike Bisbe

Michael R Bisbe,

AAMS® President, Bisbe Capital Financial Advisor, RJFS

For Mike, being a financial advisor is centered on building meaningful relationships with each of his clients – getting to know their parents, children and even friends. Guided by this commitment to delivering dedicated client-focused service, Mike makes himself available to clients whenever they need him, and considers it his duty to guide them through life’s milestones and obstacles. “I am open and honest about my life with my clients, so they know me as much as I know them,” he says.

Mike spends his days meeting with clients, discussing their long-held and near-term goals, risk profiles, progress and more. He also provides timely updates on their finances, helping ensure they’re on track to where they want to be. Ultimately, Mike’s mission is to help clients build the wealth they need to fulfill all of their plans and aspirations – in a manner that doesn’t jeopardize their risk tolerance or cause them to stress over the markets. “I want my clients to embrace investing as a pathway toward their dreams instead of seeing it as an intimidating experience.”

Not only do clients turn to Mike for his honesty and authenticity, but also for his unrivaled work ethic. “I always work hard,” he says, “and even harder when the markets turn volatile – instead of hiding under my desk like some financial professionals do.” Mike applies this work ethic to helping clients with everything from wealth accumulation, retirement planning and college funding to income distribution, life insurance (including long-term care options) and asset preservation.

Mike, who holds a financial degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, always knew he wanted to be an advisor. “I wanted a career in which I could cultivate my love of research and learning while developing close client relationships.” So he joined Edward Jones in 2003 as an advisor, eventually becoming partner in 2011. In 2021, Mike continued advancing his career by joining Raymond James, a firm with a trusted reputation that allows him to fully pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations while delivering the quality service his clients deserve.

In addition to dedicating himself to finance, Mike holds a pilot’s license with instrument rating. And although he rarely has time to fly Cessnas through the sky nowadays, he maintains his love of aviation. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s also a passion that informs his role as advisor. “Pilots have to talk passengers through turbulence and calmly explain stressful situations,” says Mike. “Similarly, being an advisor requires me to walk clients through volatile markets and share my perspective and predictions during chaotic times.”

Born in State College, Pennsylvania, Mike has lived in Cincinnati since 1986. He and his wife have two children, Kendall and Lena, and two dogs named Tyson and Ted. When he’s not partnering with his clients to pursue their goals, spending time with his family or occasionally cruising through the clouds, Mike can be found indulging his love of boating and exercising.

Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.